Privacy Policy

Our website is governed by our privacy policy and the User Agreement. The privacy policy deals with the information on data collection and data usage. The user on using this website acknowledges that he/she agrees to the privacy policy and those who do not agree may refrain from using the website or its services.

Data Collection

The website collects data for various reasons either directly or indirectly from its users. The information thus obtained may fall under one of the below given categories. While making a reservation or while confirming your reservation you will be asked to fill in your details onto an online form or provide your details to a website representative.

Personal information

You will be required to provide your personal details only when making a reservation or booking with our website otherwise you will not be forced or tricked into divulging your details. The personal information needed for a ticket purchase include the passenger’s name, contact details, address, credit/debit card details, email address, travel details, passport details, frequent flyer details and other related information. These details will remain confidential and be used only after getting a proper consent from the user.

 Payment credentials

Payment credentials such as credit / debit card and its related information is very essential to make a purchase transaction. So we will require that you provide these details in the necessary places on the website. If you have any difficulty in interpreting the details on your card, you are requested to send a photocopy of the card directly to us. Be assured that these details will never be misused by the website or its employees.


We use cookies to complete transactions and to store your login credentials and other personal details after getting your erstwhile permission. Blocking our cookies will not let us complete the transaction. In order to protect yourselves from malicious sites and other phishing site, unblock cookies only from select sites that you trust.

Third-party affiliates

Our website is a platform for other companies, individuals and websites to promote themselves. They are collectively known as third-party affiliates as we do not have any direct contact with them.The information thus published cannot be linked to us and it is the user’s responsibility to verify its accuracy.

Information about user location

To avail the best deals and offers available on our website we require you to share your location information. It is not a mandatory requirement but essential to get our best possible service. However it is compulsory to submit your location information while making a booking with our website.


All details will be maintained with utmost good faith. Only if there is any violation or abuse of the rules or information present on our website will we resort to taking legal action against individuals and others alike. The case will be taken up in a court of law where we are responsible to hand over all your details.