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India is second most-populated country in the world. Many students from India are studying at different Universities at USA. There are people from India who are working with many MNC’s too. Taking vacation to India during a holiday is not easier.
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For other people who want to take a tour of India the following will give you a gist of what you can expect from the country. So start to book your cheap flights to India.

Best time to visit:

India has extremely varied weather pattern. You must take into account before you take a vacation.  Summers are extremely hot and can make you dehydrated and get sun strokes. Winters are generally warm or mild cold and can be suitable to take a vacation. Summers are from March to September and winter is from October to January. Avoid from March – June as it will be extremely hot.

Leave the City:

If you want to enjoy the real beauty of the country, then avoid big cities and pay a visit to smaller villages. You can avoid the over populated cities and enjoy the villages. You will get to enjoy the Hospitality of these urban people. Visit our website for the best deals on vacation and book cheap flights to India.

Watch what you eat and drink:

You can end up having a bloated tummy sometimes. That doesn’t mean you cannot try out the yummy street foods here. But stick to foods that are ok for you or foods like peeled fruits and foods that are boiled or fried. Try staying on bottled water.

Do not be very particular about your personal space:

This is something you have to keep in mind if you take a trip to India. You will be squeezed on every side if you travel by a public transport or if you take a lift. Some people might ask you intrusive questions which you may find it object able. These are just simple ways of them indicating politely to you that they are interested to have you in their country.

Dress conservatively

India being a very modest country you choose wisely what you wear. Covering your arms and legs can be a way of showing respect to their culture. Indians are very forgiving if you cannot understand their culture as well.

Time is Relative for Indians

Due to heavy traffic in the cities it may take more than a predicted time to reach a destination. Build in plenty of time to avoid unexpected waits. Check for timings of the places you visit as many places close for lunch.

Hope the above blog helps you to take into consideration what can be done when you take a vacation to India. You also can take cheap flights to India through and have a great vacation or call us @ +1-888-907-3730 for exciting offers.

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